Here For You

Bronxville Hearing Center offers comprehensive hearing services to meet many different hearing needs and conditions.

Our services include:

  • Thorough hearing evaluations for people of all ages, even newborns
  • Personalized hearing aid prescriptions and fittings
    • All styles and technology levels from the most basic to the most innovative products
    • Free two-week trials
    • Rapid service and repair for all makes and models of hearing aids
    • Loaner hearing aids
  • Aural Rehabilitation programs
    • Customized plans for each individual
    • Family classes
    • Group classes
    • In-home consultations
    • Advanced listening therapy for the treatment of auditory processing disorders
    • Tinnitus treatment
  • Educational Audiology
    • Consultations regarding your child’s auditory processing skills and academic progress
    • Advocacy for your child at his or her school, special education and IEP meetings
    • Individualized auditory training programs
  • Appointment flexibility
    • Walk-ins welcome
    • Weekend and evening appointments
    • In-home and on-the-job appointments
  • Additional products
    • Hearing protection
    • Musicians’ products
    • Cell phone solutions
    • Assistive listening devices
    • FM and Loop systems

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